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Photographer: Scott Council
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Corb Lund – Things That Can’t Be Undone – Album Cover
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Things That Can’t Be Undone (2015)


Recorded with his long time band The Hurtin’ Albertans (Grant Siemens on electric guitar and lap steel, Kurt Ciesla on bass and Brady Valgardson on drums), Things That Can’t Be Undone is a self-assured and mature set of songs that pairs Lund’s characteristically sharp songcraft with a bevy of new sounds, thrusting his mix of earnest Americana, rollicking honky tonk and rousing alt-country to new heights. “I would like to think it’s a healthy balance of pushing our stylistic boundaries and pushing our audience’s ears, but keeping it familiar enough so that they’re not totally alienated,” explains Lund. “I think I’ve trained them by now to expect different things.”

Whereas in the past, Lund and band brought fully formed songs to the producer and knocked out an album in a few days, they took a different approach this time. Over a two-week period this past April they holed up with Cobb in his studio and collaborated with him on each of the arrangements. Together they constructed the songs, broke them down, and often rebuilt them. “Dave has a very organic, and somewhat retro, way of working,” reveals Lund. “He’s into old school sounds, and less processing. It’s a real natural sort of sound, which I’m also very into. He’s very spontaneous and he wasn’t afraid to tear apart my arrangements and start over. It was good for us.”

The end result is a lively and loose record influenced heavily by ‘60s and ‘70s rock and country and steeped in the kind of narratives Lund is beloved for. The cautionary tale “Talk Too Much” swaggers like a Stones song as Siemens exhibits some searing guitar chops. On “Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues,” written with Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours, Lund offers an uproarious response to Johnny Paycheck’s classic “Take This Job and Shove It”: “Here’s your backstage pass to the warehouse boiler room/That’s what he said as he handed me my broom/Don’t be sittin’ down now son, it ain’t your break time yet/I guess you’re used to them seventy-five minute sets.” In the powerful “Sadr City” an Eastern influenced psychedelic guitar riff sets that scene for a tragic tale about the Siege of Sadr City, the first big flare-up of sectarian violence in Iraq after Mission Accomplished. The track continues Lund’s tradition of military songs that he began in with his 2007 album Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!

Loss is a prevalent theme on the record and takes several different forms throughout. On the poignant album closer “Sunbeam” Lund, who recently suffered the losses of his father and grandmother, laments the death of his young niece and sings, “I wish you could have stayed a little longer/And shone more of your sunlight in our lives.” Elsewhere he grapples with the impermanence of places he loves as on the bristling “Alt Berlin Blues,” which plays out like a modern day “Big Yellow Taxi,” as he sings about a favorite German watering hole getting leveled to make way for condos: “A century of thirst outlasting two or three world wars/One hundred year old beer halls that do not exist no more.” On the potent cowboy folk song, “S Lazy H,” Lund, a 6th generation rancher, details how life on the ranch has changed due to expansion and greed: “Sometimes right isn’t equal, sometimes equal’s not fair/There will soon be rows of houses on that ridge over there/Many lifetimes of labor will be all but erased/So shed a tear and look skyward, God help the S Lazy H.”

Lund’s previous studio album, 2012’s Cabin Fever, hit #1 in Canada its first week and made the Polaris Music Prize longlist that led to him making big strides in the U.S. In addition to helping him secure a foothold in America, avowed fan Miranda Lambert invited Lund to open several stadium shows for her and Dierks Bentley and record made an impression with the media; raves came from NPR, Uncut (9 out of 10) the New York Times and the Washington Post, which exclaimed: “Lund is a revelation, laconic and scary smart, with a devil’s eye for details.”

With Things That Can’t Be Undone, Lund is poised for an even bigger breakthrough in the U.S.



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Counterfeit Blues (2014)

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Corb Lund – Cabin Fever (2012)       – Download Biography 2012 (.pdf)

Goth girls to survivalists, bovines to bibles, antique pistols to vintage motorcycles: Alberta-born honky-tonker Corb Lund’s songcraft covers it all. From a rustic retreat deep in the Rocky Mountain forest, Cabin Fever, Lund’s enthralling new album, evolved from a period of introspection and hard traveling. Just like the prolific Lund’s subjects run the gamut, so do the sonics on the live-sounding long-player, ranging from rockabilly to Western swing, cowboy balladry to country-rock. And, of course, the occasional yodel…

Cabin Fever follows on the boot heels of Lund’s 2009 New West debut, the critically acclaimed Losin’ Lately Gambler, his sixth album. Backed by his longtime band, The Hurtin’ Albertans, the JUNO Award recipient has won kudos in his native land; the Canadian Country Music Association has named Lund Roots Artist of the Year 7 consecutive years from 2004 – 2010.

For this outing, Lund hunkered down in the remote cabin he built with his girlfriend and former bronc rider/favorite uncle Lynn Jensen, an hour outside Edmonton. After the hand-crafted spruce and poplar building was finished, Lund’s thirteen-year relationship crumbled and his uncle passed away. Woodshedding – literally – came next: “I ended up spending time up there alone for weeks at a time, in the winter, with three feet of snow,” says Lund. “Cabin fever is what they call it when you get a little nuts from being isolated…”

In addition to chopping wood to keep warm, Lund did a lot of thinking and writing. Taking breaks from the cabin, he spent months in such hotspots as Las Vegas, Austin, and New York City, where song ideas continued to flow. When he and his band – guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Grant Siemens, upright bassist Kurt Ciesla, and drummer Brady Valgardson – reconvened at the cabin, they demoed a slew of new songs: the regretful ballad “The One I Left in the Chamber,” the twangy paean to survival “(You Ain’t a Cowboy) If You Don’t Get Bucked Off,” and the yearning “September,” among them. When the whiskey bottle got passed around, things got raucous: “Drink It Like You Mean It” (‘nuff said); the apocalyptic “Gettin’ Down on the Mountain” (a roadhouse favorite), the blues-rockin’ “Dig Gravedigger Dig” (a tribute to the occupation of Grant Siemens’ brother), and the Sun Records-by-way of Betty Page-inspired “The Gothest Girl I Can.”

Cutting the tracks in an Edmonton studio, the boys decided to keep things loose and live, with no overdubs, resulting in “way more inner mesh,” says Lund. “It feels more real, like a band. The whole thing was organic sounding, and we like that.” They were joined by running buddy Hayes Carll, Texas raconteur and songsmith, who co-wrote and duetted on the wily road tale, “Bible on the Dash.” Such vivid story songs are Lund’s forte, as are the former history major’s odes to his favorite things: “Cows Around” (where he namechecks every breed you can – or can’t — think of), “Mein Deutsche Motorrad” (he loves those fast-moving vintage BMW bikes), and “Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner” (hey, have you shot an 1896 Smith & Wesson lately?). Cabin Fever’s finale is a narrative number straight out of a dime novel, the gripping “Pour ‘em Kinda Strong.”

With a dozen ass-kicking songs under his belt, Corb plans to take the show on the road, just as he’s done for the past two decades; he cut his teeth in the ‘90s as a member of Canadian speed-metal band, the Smalls. The DIY spirit lives with Lund, who traded his ax for an acoustic and has done everything from printing his band’s T-shirts to booking gigs to writing press releases. Though it may look like a quartet onstage, the Hurtin’ Albertans are really “a seven-piece band,” according to Lund, “because Grant plays a bunch of stuff,” including mandolin, banjo, Dobro, and baritone guitar. “Grant and I have a complex system of hand signals because I don’t use a set list,” says Lund. “We’ve got seven records’ worth of material now, so every show is different. I find it more interesting that way.”

Road dogs, Lund and the band headline Canadian country and folk festivals, as well as gigging at New York City nightspots and America’s finest honky-tonks. “We’re able to straddle the line between songwriter folk and straight country, which is cool,” says Lund. “We do funky clubs and we do folk rooms, along with festivals.” In July there’s a residency at the legendary Calgary Stampede’s Centennial celebration, which is only natural, since Lund is a fourth-generation cowboy himself. He started rodeo-ing as a youngster and won his first trophy (for steer riding) at age 11. “My grandpas, parents, cousins, uncles, everybody competed in the Stampede,” says Lund. “The Calgary Stampede is a big part of family tradition.”

Just as Lund mixes up styles on his recordings and the types of venues he plays, a special edition of Cabin Fever will feature an extra disc with an acoustic version of the tracks. “The electric one’s done live, but the acoustic one’s even more live,” says Lund. “We were all sitting right beside each other and are in each other’s mikes. We kept it as unpolished as possible.”

Listening to the acoustic disc’s banjo, guitar, and handclaps, as well as Lund’s Western-inspired songwriting, one can’t help but think the pared-down approach is yet another aspect of the Lund family tradition: After all, Lund learned to sing as a nipper when his grandfather taught him the campfire standard “Strawberry Roan,” which Grandpa Lund picked up via oral tradition from fellow trailhands. “I’ve got one foot in old-fashioned cowboy music,” says Lund, “but I treat it with some abandon and irreverence. The reality is we don’t live in that world anymore – yet the cowboys were kind of punk rockers in their day.”

As for Corb Lund, his Western heritage stays with him, no matter where he roams. “My whole life is sort of a dichotomy between being a cowboy kid and living in a city,” says Lund. “I guess that informs my music too.” On Cabin Fever, that split personality burns bright.




“The pairing of Lund and Cobb on Things That Can’t Be Undone is a feather in both their caps; as an album, it forges a new path in country music, yet remains exceptionally close to the tradition’s heart.” –

With Things That Can’t Be Undone, his reputation will be further enhanced. It’s one of the most appealing albums of the year. –

“Highlighting his sticky drawl with a newfound Motown spirit laced with heartbreak honky-tonk, “Weight of the Gun” finds Lund flirting in fresh sonic waters, while still keeping his sardonic mix of eerie lyrics and deceptively joyful vamps well intact.” – Rolling Stone

“Corb Lund has proven his versatility.” – NPR

“Melodically engaging and narratively compelling, Things That Can’t Be Undone furthers the case for Corb Lund as one of the best contemporary country songwriters.” – Popmatters

“It’s great credit to both Lund and his versatile backing band, The Hurtin’ Albertans, that such see-sawing through genres can sound so much like a singular piece of work.” – MOJO

“On the new full-length, Things That Can’t Be Undone, Lund and his touring band, the Hurtin’ Albertans, worked with Dave Cobb, the producer who’s turning out to be Nashville’s answer to Rick Rubin. The result expands Lund’s sound, and creates ideal settings for his varied narratives. The album is a high mark of a long career.” – NPR

“…the song is a hot new take on the outlaw ballads of Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson…Not a conventional protest song, “Sadr City” surveys the costs of war that are devastating in the moment and cumulatively fatal. The band’s circular riffing, shot through by explosive guitar from longtime Hurtin’ Abertan Grant Siemens, perfectly supports Lund’s blunt, evocative storytelling.”


“Few artists are as deft at veering from a song that elicits laughter to one that’s as gritty as they come…” – The Daily Times (Knoxville Feature)

“…Lund has an eye for intricate details and a way of turning what to most people might seem mundane into thought-provoking pictures of beauty. Lund’s descriptive way of turning a song into a painting — the subtle brush strokes, the well-timed delivery, the distinct regional phrasing — is his way of relating. It’s personal and intimate, witty and vivid, and he’s cultivated a loyal following south of the border.”

The Daily Times (Knoxville Feature)

“…much of Lund’s music is more creative and interesting than what’s sliding up and down the country charts these days.” – Knoxnews

“Canadian artist Corb Lund decided to work with [Dave] Cobb on his latest release, and the results are eye opening.” – Country Standard Time

“One of the most hotly anticipated Canadian releases of the fall season.” – Ottawa Citizen

“…the finest of his career — a tony, twangy, romping, rocking collection of songs dealing with everything from love and loss to modernity and murder and war and weariness.” – Calgary Herald

“In short: his sillier hits may have made him a star, but it’s thrilling and moving to hear Lund indulge his serious side on this gorgeously forlorn new LP.” – Exclaim!

“Whether Lund sings with a downcast drawl (S Lazy H, about a man losing his ranch) or a knowing smirk (Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues, about a man losing his record deal), his sharply etched sketches throw Albertan uncertainty into relief.” – Maclean’s

“Fans of Lund’s formula-defying country music will again have plenty to sink their teeth into…” – FYIMusicNews

“Some of the best songs on his new album, Things That Can’t Be Undone, capture the essence of the modern rancher. “S Lazy H” is a heartbreaking song about losing the family ranch, while “Weight of the Gun” takes an obvious metaphor to sublime corners of the acreage.” CBC Music


2014-2015 Accomplishments
– 2015-2016 World Tour – Europe, USA, & 2016 #WinterCampaign Tour in Canada January-February 2016
– Critically acclaimed 2015 new album world-wide release ‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’ (New West Records) with producer Dave Cobb
– 2015 release of brand new video ‘Run This Town’ from new album ‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’ directed by Joshua Shoemaker
– American Songwriter Magazine marks Corb Lund ‘S Lazy H’ #17 on the Top 50 Songs of 2015
– Corb Lund appeared on CBC Music’s The Strombo Show with George Stroumboulopoulos in December 2015
– 150,000+ streams on Spotify in 2015
– “Things That Can’t Be Undone” included in The 50 best Canadian albums of 2015 by CBC Music
– RollingStone’s Top 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: November 2015
– Opened for Merle Haggard in Dallas, November 2015
– October 2015, ‘Undone,’ the making of the new album premiered on CMC Australia
– October 2015, CBC First Play Live Special of new album ‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’
– New album stream ‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’ at Exclaim!
– RollingStone premiered first single, “Weight Of The Gun”
– 2014 CCMA Roots Artist of the Year Nominee
– 2014 release of ‘Counterfeit Blues’ on New West Records recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.
– 2014 Best Live Show Finalist nominee at ‪#‎CBCMusicAwards‬
– “Just Me and These Ponies” (For Christmas this Year) exclusive with CMT Canada
– 2014 ‘Memphis Sun’ documentry about recording album at Sun Studios, Memphis CMT Canada TV Special – Included with the deluxe version of Counterfeit Blues, the nearly hour long TV special featuring interviews and 11 performances. This album edition features 3 bonus performances that did not make the TV special
– 2014 September USA Tour
– July 2014 – Corb Lund Day at the Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton
– Corb interview with CMT Edge to talk about his early influences, the new collection and recording at the legendary Sun Studio in ‪#‎Memphis‬, ‪#‎Tennessee‬
– NPR Music ‪#‎FirstListen‬ of new album, ‪#‎CounterfeitBlues‬ in USA in June 2014
– Corb Lund ‪#‎CounterfeitBlues‬ on CBC Music’s top albums to listen to in June 2014
– Spring Thaw Canadian Tour April-May 2014 – Ontario, Quebec and BC
– March 2014 – Corb Lund SOLO Euro Tour

Past Accomplishments
– Cabin Fever hits #1 on the Canadian Billboard Charts it’s first week out
– Cabin Fever stayed 13 weeks in the Top 10 on the Americana Chart
– Cabin Fever peaked at #4 on the Americana Chart
– Supported Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley on the Locked an Reloaded Tour
– Polaris Music Prize Long List Nominee 2013
– 2 Heretics European Tour 2013: Geoff Berner vs. Corb Lund
– “Edmonton for Southern Alberta” Benefit Concert w/ Corb Lund, Jr. Gone Wild, The Fuzz Kings, Ann Vriend at the The Starlite Room Sunday, July 28th
– “No Roads Here” Corb Lund Alberta Glenbow Museum Exhibit – Jan – April 2013
– Corb Lund played CMCRocks March 17 in Hope Estate, Hunter Valley AUS
– People’s Choice nominee at the 2013 Edmonton Music Awards
– 2013 Cabin Fever US Tour
– Corb Lund is nominated for Country Artist of the Year at the 2013 #SiriusXMindies
– 100 Years of Calgary Cowboys Concert Series with Ian Tyson in July 2012

JUNO Awards (Canada)
– 2013 Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Solo) (nominated)
– 2010 Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Solo) (nominated)
– 2008 year Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Solo) (nominated)
– 2006 Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Solo) (WON)
– 2003 Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Group) (nominated)

Edmonton Music Awards
– 2013 Male Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2013 Country Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2013 People’s Choice Award (WON)
– 2011 Best Country Artist (nominated)

Edmonton Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Awards
– 2013 Ambassador of the Arts (WON)

Americana Music Association’s Americana Honors & Awards Show
– 2010 Emerging Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2010 Albums of the Year: Losin’ Lately Gambler (No. 38)

Gold Records
– 2002: Five Dollar Bill (As ranked by the Canadian Recording Industry Association)
– 2005: Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer (As ranked by the Canadian Recording Industry Association)
– 2007: Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier (As ranked by the Canadian Recording Industry Association)

Canadian Country Music Association Awards
– 2014 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (nominated)
– 2013 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (winner)
– 2012 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (nominated)
– 2011 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (nominated)
– 2010 Roots Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2010 All-Star Band Steel Guitar – Grant Siemens (nominated)
– 2010 Album of the Year (nominated)
– 2010 Fans’ Choice Award (nominated)
– 2010 Video of the Year for “Devil’s Best Dress” (nominated)
– 2010 Male Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2010 Video Director of the Year,” Christopher Mills, for “Devil’s Best Dress” (nominated)
– 2010 Website of the Year, Paul Bellows from Yellow Pencil, for (nominated)
– 2009 Roots Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2009 All-Star Band Steel Guitar – Grant Siemens (nominated)
– 2008 Roots Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2008 All-Star Band Steel Guitar – Grant Siemens (nominated)
– 2007 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (WON)
– 2007 Independent Male Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2007 All-Star Band Drums – Brady Valgardson (nominated)
– 2007 All-Star Band Guitar – Grant Siemens (nominated)
– 2007 All-Star Band Bass – Kurt Ciesla (nominated)
– 2006 Album of The Year (WON)
– 2006 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (WON)
– 2006 Male Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2006 Independent Male Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2006 Album Design of the Year (Jeff Sylvester) (WON)
– 2005 Independent Group or Duo of the Year (WON)
– 2005 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (WON)
– 2005 Independent Group or Duo of the Year (nominated)
– 2005 Video of the Year (Roughest Neck Around)
– 2004 Group or Duo of the Year (nominated)
– 2004 Independent Group or Duo of the Year (WON)
– 2004 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (WON)
– 2003 Roots Artist or Group of the Year (nominated)
– 2003 Album Graphics of the Year (nominated)

Americana Music Association’s Americana Honors & Awards Show

– 2010 Emerging Artist of the Year (nominated)
– 2010 Albums of the Year: Losin’ Lately Gambler (No. 38)

Country Music Association (Canada)
– 2007 Global Country Artist Award (nominated)

Indie Acoustic Project
– Best CDs of 2007 Awards: Best Lyrics (WON)
– Best CDs of 2006 Awards: Best Male Singer-Songwriter (nominated)

The Indies (Canadian Independent Music Awards)
– 2008 Favourite Folk Artist/Group (WON)
– 2007 Favourite Country Artist, Group or Duo of the Year (WON)
– 2006 Favourite Folk Artist/Group (WON)

French Association of Country Music
– 2006 Independent Artist of the Year (WON)
– 2005 Independent Artist of the Year (WON)

Canadian Association for Campus Activities
– 2007 Best Contemporary Music (Recording) (WON)