New video series announcement from Corb Lund

I wanted to tell all Facebook folks first: This Friday, at 5PM MST, I’m going to be launching a new series on Facebook Live called “Songs My Friends Wrote.” I’m fortunate to have a lot of great friends who are also great songwriters, and this will be a chance to dig into some of the great music they’ve written over the years. I’ll play their songs for them, ask them about their music, and maybe even convince them to play something new for me. It’s your chance to sit in on some songwriting sessions with my favourites. And I’m going to be doing it throughout the year. So follow me on Facebook to stay informed. I’ll let you know who my first guest is going to be in a few days. Hint: he’s a real old buddy! It’s going to be a blast! “Songs My Friends Wrote” on Facebook Live, Friday 2/10 at 5PM MST.

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