Corb Lund: Memphis Sun TV Special re-airs this weekend on CMT Canada

#MemphisSun TV Special re-airs on @CMTCanada tomorrow at 6pm EST & Sunday April 27th at 11a EST! Don’t miss this amazing documentary from the recordings at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

In a tiny tracking room, in Memphis Tennessee there is a small ‘x’ built from masking tape.

That ‘x’ marks the spot where Elvis stood when Rock and Roll was born.

That ‘x’ draws liner junkies and musicians from every ilk to that hallowed room, which is a museum by day, and a working studio at night.

Almost 60 years later, Corb Lund stood in that same spot and recorded and album, endeavoring to make a little history of his own.

Corb Lund Memphis Sun is a one-hour documentary that will show you that in an age of technological advancements, that recording live, off the floor, is still the only way to make music, and most bands don’t have the chops to pull it off.

Most bands.

Meet the exception.


  • Johnny Knox Says

    Absolutely loved Memphis Sun! You guys were meant to record there. Your sound is beautifully delicious !!!!!! Johnny / Weyburn Sk.

  • Cindy lu Says

    I had to get a passport to see you in Port Hope ! Great concert! Cannot wait to hear what you have been recording.

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