Corb Lund – Blood, Sweat & Water – A Song for Southern Alberta


My song ‘Blood, Sweat and Water’ uses Stampede as a metaphor for the city’s courage, hard work and resilience. It’s a tribute to everyone who’s been toughing it out dealing with the flood damage in southern Alberta. The idea occurred to me after seeing all the work people had done to make Stampede happen this year. I wrote it in the last few days, and me and some of my Edmonton musician friends went in the studio and recorded it in a day.

I was really moved by how the organizers in Calgary were able to bounce back so quickly from the flood and go forward with the Stampede despite challenges I can’t begin to imagine. I think it did a lot for the morale of the city, and i know playing the Coke stage this year a was very moving and special experience for me and the guys in my band. I remember seeing the ‘Come Hell or Water’ graphic just days after seeing the worst of the flood photos.

Nice job Calgary; you handled yourself through this thing with a lot of class.

– Corb Lund


Scott Franchuk: Engineer/Producer, Riverdale Recorders

Shannon Johnson: Fiddle
Miah McDade: Mandolin
Peter Hendrickson: Drums
Chris Brzezicki – Bass
Kris Glabush – BG Vocal

Contact – Laura Stahmann


  • marg brzezicki Says

    love the song – and of course the bass

    marg and marlene dwyer

  • Larry Smith Says

    You sure can write good songs, Corb. I remember when I helped the 'Smalls' sell the most t-shirts at Highwood 92 in High River. You've come a long way since then, both musically and as a man. Thank you for being an Albertan who inspires and gives back. You help represent the spirit and talent that resides in this province.

  • Brian Mills Says

    Hey Corb! Thanks for writing this song and going all out to get it out to us all so quickly! It means a lot to have good folks like you sympathizing and doing what you can to help out so many of the people who have been impacted by the flooding just three weeks ago. I caught your show at the Stampede and hope you enjoyed playing it as much as we enjoyed hearing you and the band. It certainly gave us something more to feel good about for a couple of hours!

  • Baba Says

    Brings tears to my eyes, thank you, Corby!

  • Tracy Dafoe Says

    Where can I download it???

  • Lara Tarraran Says
  • Mabdy Says

    Great song Corb, hope I hear you sing it in Towmsville, Australia

  • Another good one. Keep up the great work. šŸ™‚

  • just song, it means a lot , the horses of Calgary will buck.

  • Lorraine-Grant Moberg Says

    Grant loves Corb Lund's music.

    • Lorna Harrison Says

      What a great song dedicated to all those southern Albertans who did whatever was needed to giter done. Can’t wait to download it.

  • John Brown Says

    Great job Corb. The song captures the spirit of the city and surrounding region.

  • Maureen Says

    Amazing. Honestly. Amazing.

  • Calgary loves you Corb! The horses and bulls bucked and the chucks ran Come Hell or High Water Stampede 101 will not soon be forgotten.

  • Lorraine Kubersky Says

    love your sept song, great

  • Kenneth Graham Says

    Thank you,Corb, for this song. I also thank all the others s involved in getting it out.I live on the Island now, but I spent 20 years in Calgary, and I love the place. I worked for the Wheat Pool at High River, Strathmore and Balzac. Thanks for putting in the little twist phrase “hell or high river”. My heart goes out to everyone who suffered in this disaster, but I am also so impressed by the spirit and energy that is putting it all back together; and I know that it will be stronger than ever


  • Nicole Emily Drader Says

    Goose-bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. <3

  • Wilma van Hamersveld Says

    i hurt the song its realy beautiful,i like the music. xx wilma

  • Wow! Awesome!! Very very good song…great lyrics and musicians. Congrats

  • Pete Cockeram Says

    Sounds like a ten-buck song to me. I’d give that cash for a good cause, for the song. Is there a way?

  • Corb: Captures the real Alberta spirit, brilliant!

  • Ashley Ambrose Says

    love love love! šŸ™‚ you were great on stage last night, this song made me tear up!

  • Caley Says

    From “The smalls” to the “Hurtin Albertans” I’ve always enjoyed your music. You are a class act Mr Corb Lund, you prove it time and time again. Alberta is very lucky to have a talented guy like you. Last nights concert at Mcmahon Stadium best performance was the Hurtin Albertans!! you made the night… Nickleback who. By the way loved the SNFU sticker on the guitar

  • Ken Crosby Says

    Amazing song, Amazing Musician…

  • Jamie Haggerty Says

    I heard you sing this song while performing on the Coke stage at the Stampede. This is an amazing song.

  • Stuart McClelland Says

    Looking forward to hearing you guys in Townsville, Queensland on the 28 th of Sept. From a old Albertan livin down this way!

  • A true champion of your field and an inspiration to all who have the good sense to listen.

  • A true champion of your field and an inspiration to all who have the good sense to listen.

  • Anonymous Says

    I don't know if I will ever stop listening to this song. The most inspiring song takes such talent to write and perform such a masterpiece. Goosebumps will never fade and we will never forget. You make every Albertan proud to be a part of the whole recovery process and even prouder to be an Albertan who can show we will get through ANYTHING. Hell or High Water, Calgary and Southern Alberta will always buck!

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