Just got back to Canada from a few weeks in the US. Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma. That’s what you call good routing. Things are looking up down there. Haven’t had a bad show for months… lots of people coming out. Now that I’m back in Alberta, I’m up to my eyeballs with a project I’m working on with the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. I’m currently the artist in residence there, and I’m curating an exhibit called ‘No Roads Here: Corb Lund’s Alberta’. It’s a historical display, divided up into eight or nine sections, each one themed around one of my songs. There’s a section on prohibition in Alberta loosely based on ‘Five Dollar Bill’, a history of Alberta gambling formed around ‘A Game In Town Like This’, and so on. It’s been really interesting; I’ve basically been able to run amok in the museum archives, grab anything I think is cool, and have the full force of the Glenbow research professionals to flesh out the details for me.

The show opens January 26th and runs till late April. If you’re in Calgary during that period, please go. It’s going to be quite a cool thing, I think. We’ve done our best to probe around in the dark corners of Alberta history and have come up with some interesting artifacts and interesting stories.

I was encouraged to tie in my family as much as was relevant, and have many family heirlooms in the exhibit, especially in the rodeo, ranching, gambling and oilfield sections. The Mormon section is pretty cool too. So a few more days of work on that, then it’s down to writing, and then to Nashville on the 25th to play on the Marty Stuart TV show. Then a run in the Eastern US, from Georgia to DC. And on it goes. See you down the road. As soon as I have room to breathe, I’ll get you some more ‘What That Song Means Now’ vids.



  • wow Cool dude it's a long ways since goofing around in the GMCC jasper place library.

  • This is ALL Fantastic news! Such a talented man!

  • I am in awe of all your talents!!!

  • Rose Ratliffe Says

    Looking forward to it. My son is excited since he couldn't go to the show at Flames Central.

  • Jay Lael Says

    You are on the verge of real stardom, Corb! You so deserve it too! You go boy!

  • Shawna James Says

    WOW! Your life sounds nice.

  • Trey Kirkpatrick Says

    You need to come back to the OKC-Dallas area…soon.

  • Louise MacDougall Says

    Wow, Corb, that is amazing, artist in residence with free run at the Glenbow! I wish! I fell in love with your appreciation for and "take" on history the first time I heard Horse Soldier, my favourite song of yours (well, next to Truck Got Stuck. lol.) Coincidentally, I saw your message just now while I was online trying to figure out how to get to a history conference in Scotland, so maybe I can also plan Calgary into that trip. Thx for the heads up. Sounds like Corb Lund's Alberta will be a tour de force 🙂 Bravo!

  • Leanne Says

    Awesome! Gotta get to Cowtown to see the exhibit. My brother brought me “Cows Around” for Christmas – from your show in Vancouver……because that is my life (lol)! They LOVED the show. When will the next tour of BC & southern AB be?

  • Bill Heath Says

    I’ll come to Albortia JUST to see this Corb.
    Hope you’re well.
    Sounds like it.
    Hi from Nelson.
    Dave heath’s Brother

  • This past weekend, four of us drove down from Edmonton to Calgary just to see your Glenbow exhibit. WE LOVED IT!! You are the real deal, man. My own favourite sections concerned veterinarian rural practice, rum running, rodeoing, gambling and Mormonism. Also loved seeing Ian Tyson’s hat. We listened to your CDs in the car there and back, driving through the blowing snow. It was the quintessential Alberta road trip!

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