#UTH: “Pour ‘Em Kinda Strong”

I wrote ‘Pour ‘em Kinda Strong’ fairly early on in this album’s worth of songs. It’s basically a Louis L’Amour type duster story set to a Waylon Jennings feel. The Waylon rock-country feel is one of my favourites, with the root-five feel on the bass over a 4/4 rock beat. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a guy like Waylon, or a band like the Ramones or AC/DC, where you have a totally identifiable signature rhythmic style. I tend to use a lot of variety in my stuff, although I lean pretty heavily on the boom-chicka-boom thing sometimes. But back to the song, I kind of like the twist in meaning of the ‘I won’t be here long’ line; at first talking about rushing out, and in the end meaning that he’s going to die right away, there on the floor of the saloon. I have a couple more westerns in my brain I have to crank out one of these days. My pal Ridley Bent is especially good at those. I’m gonna cover one of his on my ‘Songs My Friends Wrote’ album, which I’m going to get around to finishing one of these days. Probably either ‘Blood on the Stage’ or ‘Apache Hairlifter’. Both winners. Ok, back to work, I’m building shelves in my garage.

– Corb Lund

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  • Lindsay Says

    This was my first favourite song on the album – I’ve since cycled through all the rest. When I first heard it I was hitch hiking from Manitoba to Nova Scotia and it was pissing rain. Something about this tune made each footstep feel triumphant. Anyhow, I saw you play at the Halifax Casino; I made me happy to see everyone get up and party finally. I had a great time. Thanks for stopping in. I’d love to read another one of these blogs (sorry… journals) if you ever find yourself with a spare minute.

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