I think this is my and the band’s first song in 6/8 time. That’s sort of like a waltz, but more interesting. And the bridge is sort of cool, with the ominous ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. I also really like the baritone on this record. Baritone has a way of being sort of a low range glue that hold everything apart. The melody on this one is super old. Like years and years. I always liked it and i rewrote the song three or four times entirely hoping to find something lyrical I liked, but it took awhile I guess. It’s another in my long line of love song/horse metaphors. But any Western kid will tell you how much of a truism it is, when your parents tell you that if you get bucked off, you have to get right back on. It really happened to me, just like that. I was riding Susie, our bitchy old mare and she shook me off. I think I was six years old or thereabouts, so it was a long way to the ground, and I remember it being pretty damn cold, which always makes it worse. Before I could holler, my dad had me right back in the saddle, to dispel any fears of continuing, I guess. So the song is saying the same thing about finding your true love, I guess. Keep at it. Not that I’m any kind of expert. Sometimes you write songs to yourself.


  • Dwayne Russell Says

    One of the reasons I enjoy your music so much is for your love of horses and the western lifestyle. Maybe one day you can join us on a ride with our horses out in Banff.

  • Isn't Buckin' Horse Rider in 6/8? The Horse I Rode In On, Short Native Grasses, The Rodeo's Over? I could count those in 6/8.

  • For a long time I have referred to breaking a string as “getting bucked off”

    So, needless to say, this is yet another of your songs that speaks to me on more than a few different levels.

    You keep writin’ ’em. I’ma gonna keep stealin’ ’em…

  • Erin Kathleen Says

    I knew as song as I saw this song title that I would like (and relate) to it. I was in the saddle before I could walk, but when I got my first pony at 5, my parents knew the rank son-of-a-gun was going to throw me sooner rather than later. To prepare me (and keep from a major meltdown), my mom would tell me, "You've never ridden a horse until you've fallen off." Lucky for her, it worked. When I did go off that first time, there were tears, but there was also a huge smile on my face when I stood up and looked to my folks and said, "I finally rode a horse!" Not sure who was more proud – them, or me!

  • The first time I was off a horse I ended up with a fractured back, the next time… is when I found out I had arthritis in my back the imprint I left on the ground was the start of a hard couple of weeks, but back up in the saddle now… its the cowboy way! I love your songs as they are down to earth and we have all been there done that or at least were in the same area as someone else we knew did that… love the songs! I know you met my twin sister her name is Lana she also went off a horse and was tossed on a fence post (it was laying on the ground) she was hospitalized for a couple days… tells ya how long ago this was as something like that sure wont get ya a bed these days..haha.

  • OldAgRep Says

    Rode a neighbour girls fancy palomino quarter horse around the shelter belt and back when I was 13. Had only ridden our 22 yr old percheron prior to that. When that fancy gelding got close to the barb wire gate, which was closed, my heart was in my mouth and my hands on the horn. Thankfully he stopped and I didn’t fly over his head. Had to change clothes though.

  • Linda Says

    There’s slot of bitchy susies out there but if u kill them with love and kindness and show them the respect they so deserve, u will be in for a long peaceful ride on your horse. Life lessons learned from an old mare lol

  • kelly Says

    you know i love your stuff corb and especially your songs about horses. my grandfather (we called him Pop) had horses all his life (race horses though)… i forgot to tell you that. lots of memories of both gentle and temperamental horses. Pop had a heart attack while mending one of the fences and ‘rhythm chimes’ got out and came right up to the kitchen window. grandma knew then that he was gone. a year later she sold/gave away all the horses and it was like losing him all over again. i miss going to the family stable and the calm and connectedness i always felt there. never been bucked off…
    adieu hubsch

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