Spread the Fever #CabinFeverContest


In exchange for your help spreading Cabin Fever, your name will be automatically entered into the draw to win the ultimate GRAND PRIZE or 1 of 4 #CabinFeverContest Prize Packs!


CONTEST BEGINS: Wednesday, August 1, 2012.
ALBUM RELEASE: Tuesday, August 14, 2012
CONTEST ENDS: Sunday, September 30, 2012.
PRIZE DRAW: Friday, October 5, 2012
WINNERS ANNOUNCES: Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

(1) GRAND PRIZE  – Winner: Jim Thomson  (via Photo Entry)

Winners: Stephen Fitzpatrick (Photo Entry)
Sheldon Vanderstoep (Twitter)
Linda Lou (Site Comment)
Matthew Fountain (Facebook)



WIN 1 of 5 Prizes!

(1) GRAND PRIZE  – Winner: Jim Thomson  (via Photo Entry)
1 winner, randomly chosen from list of entries

Win a couple hours for you and two of your friends hanging with Corb when he tours through your area. Dinner, beers, blackjack, playing guitar, whatever spins your propeller. (Details to be sorted upon declaration of contest winner)

1- CABIN FEVER PRIZE PACK (details below)
1- CORB LUND DISCOGRAPHY: includes 1-autographed copy of each CD, including CABIN FEVER
1- Autographed DVD


(4) CABIN FEVER PRIZE PACKS: Winners: Stephen Fitzpatrick (Photo Entry), Sheldon Vanderstoep (Twitter), Linda Lou (Site Comment), and Matthew Fountain (Facebook)
4 winners, randomly chosen from list of entries

1-Decorative piece of log, left over from Corb’s actual cabin that he helped build. It will be chain sawed by Corb, signed by Corb and branded by Corb with the ‘Hat-L’ brand, using a three generations old branding iron that belonged to his grandfather. The history of the brand goes well back into the 1800’s in the Lund family, originally used in Utah by his cowboy ancestors.

1-Autographed new album ‘Cabin Fever’
1-Promo 8×10 Photo (personalized autographed)
1-Lrg ‘Cabin Fever’ T-shirt



Help spread the word by completing any of the activities below. If we deem your deed spreads the word about Cabin Fever your name is automatically entered into the draws! You can complete more than 1! Have your name entered for each one of the 7 ways to enter. Maximum of 7 entries per person.

New Album
Aug.14 Worldwide


1. Facebook: Post to Corb’s Facebook Wall and spread Cabin Fever to your friends in a creative way!
2. Twitter: Finish this sentence with a tweet:  let’s make it viral!  ‘You know you have Cabin Fever when… #CabinFeverContest”
3. Upload a pic in the form below, showing your summer vacation spot (Cottage, Cabin, Trailer)
*Please note, your photos may be featured on
4. Instagram your summer vacation spot with tag #cabinfevercontest
5. Create a Youtube Video spreading Cabin Fever and send us the link to
6. Tell us what Cabin Fever means to you in the site comments section below this post


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  • debra barlund Says

    that would be one of the best concerts one can ever imagine…. i could on wish and hope to win this

  • Cannot wait for this album.

  • josh messer Says

    Stuck I’m my derrick with a real long reach

  • Allison Harrower Says

    I love Spanish Armada, also my next fav is Mora (blackberry) just amazing songs, have loved them for years!

  • equick Says

    Cabin Fever = Never taking out of our trucks. We love your music!

  • Alana petersen Says

    Love all his cd’s. He is an amazing singer my kids and me love blasting his music and singing loud to it in the truck.

  • darren hawthorne Says

    Corb’s music is downhome and real.I can really identify with it.We’ve farmed in Hillspring .Alberta Out of Cardston so I know alot of what he sings about.Keep up the good work ,and I can’t wait to see you in concert again.

  • Dave Says

    Be nice to see the Corb man again

  • We have loved your music from the very beginning. Super Spouse still “shines up his boots” when we go out on the week-end. He would be so excited to win one of the prize packages, and I would be so happy to present him with it! All your CD’s are in his good ol’ 4X4 truck and he listens to them on the way to and from work, 5 days a week!

    Groovin’ to your music,
    Paulette (moonepower)

  • If I don’t win this contest I may actually contract Cabin Fever.

  • Chantell Doherty Says

    Can not wait for Cabin Fever! Been waiting months for it, ever since I heard it was coming out. I have all of Corb Lund’s records, and songs. Been my favorite artist for years. I’d be honored to get any of the prizes.. But, I guess all I can say in the end is, keep ’em coming, Corb!

  • Chris Chisholm Says

    I have the perfect cabin for this kind of thing!

  • veronica carr Says

    Cabin Fever means I get to listen to you….over and over!

  • Sarah Says

    Cabin Fever… on the downside it’s being stuck at home, dirt roads covered in snowdrifts laughing at me, electricity out for days, using the snow outside as my refrigerator, having to use snowshoes and a plastic sled as my means of transporting groceries, cranking up the wood stove in the garage to cook some vittles… but add a few days off work and some kick arse Corb Lund music to all that… and you’ve got Cabin Fever on the good side!

  • Beth Says

    Can’t wait to see Corb at the Ottawa Folk Fest this year!

  • adell Says

    Cabin Fever for me is spending my summer hiding in shadows and going plum crazy missing sun and swimming!!! Recently diagnosed with Lupus and I am allergic to the sun. That’s all right though, nothing a cold beer by the fire at night won’t fix!

  • Allan Willetts Says

    Move over Ian Tyson there’s a new breed of “Hurtin’ Albertan!” Incredible talent can hardly wait for the new album!

  • Linda Bunn Says

    I plan on doing several things….I’m away from home right now, so I can’t access my technology, but when I do, there will be facebook, instagram, twitter, and possibly youtube entries from me….because I really really want to win this contest….FYI.

  • Linda Bunn Says

    I plan on doing all manner of contest entries, but I’m away from my technology at the moment, as soon as I get there, I will do a very good job of spreading the CABIN FEVER word….FYI! Stay tuned!

  • Linda Bunn Says

    oops, i commented twice…I am over-zealous.

  • Lianne Says

    Got a serious case of Cabin Fever (working 6am to 5pm ten days straight) — can’t wait to pack up the gear and escape to Amamoor State Forest to watch Corb Lund live. That will cure it!!

  • Cabin fever is driving around scoping out deer two months before the season opens, listening to getting down on the mountain over and over again

  • Lacey Parsons Says

    I don’t know how many Corb Lund fans are in Missouri right now but my brother and I are adding new ones every week. My brothers friends my friends and family now know who Corb Lund is and they agree the music is the best newer stuff they have listened to in a long time. Plus whenever we are in a crowd of people and one of our phones go off we are spreading the music through the power of the ringtone.

  • Bryn Says

    Cabin Fever means that I get to hear some new tunes from a damn good Canadian artist, and will be able to enjoy them any where from my truck to the cabin! Pumped to pick up the deluxe copy tomorrow.

  • Josh Says

    Cabin Fever is Getting Down on the Mountian with a truck full of Goth Girls and a Priceless Antuquoe Pistol with Cows Around

  • Terry I Says

    Drinking whiskey in great quantities is the prescription for Cabin Fever, but it may have side effects.

  • Corey Says

    Cabin Fever means listening to Corb’s whole discography to help you concentrate while studying!

  • Teresa Nicolajsen Says


  • Scott Zieman Says

    Cabin fever is sitting in the trailer because its too cold to stand by the fire this year on our hunting trip. Smokin colts & drinking rye whiskey while watching the rest of the boys play poker cause you’re already outta chips.

  • Josh Kovac Says

    Cabin Fever is when your campin off a lease road on the north saskatchewan river with the fellas on the long weekend, drinkin pilsners, shootin guns, choppin fire wood. And you decide to stay an extra 4 days without tellin the women.

  • Teecee Nicolajsen Says

    A friend and I happened to be driving through last winter and she made me get out for a photo with the cornstalk cuz I never hardley turn off the Corb Lund.

  • Living on the west coast, this Alberta girl is not quite used to the rain, but loves that its warm enough to take off with our mobile cabin (RV) all year!

  • Scott Zieman Says

    Cabin fever is day 21 on a 21/7 shift in a dry camp.

  • Jay McCue Says

    Pilsner beer and redman and listing to tunes by the camp fire…now that's cabin fever summer not long enough.

  • staving off cabin fever is not taking the boat out of the water till the snow fly's at least once.

  • Kirsten Scott Says

    Cabin fever: living in a 14'x16' log cabin with a man who recently said to me "if you want to light the fire while I'm gone honey, please take the ammo boxes out from behind the stove." And we're building a 12'x12' to move into for the winter…the long, dark Yukon winter. Can't wait to keep myself sane by snowshoeing while listening to Corb!

  • Matthew Bate Says

    Cabin Fever is being stuck in a sound proof room (with a cow) while Corb Lund is performing just outside…

  • Gabriele Schelb Says

    I love your new album; can’t get the tunes out of my head. The wait was definitely worth it. I know there are some hits in there for you.
    Also loved your concert with Ian Tyson during Stampede. We were in the 2nd row! You really looked after Ian well! He is such an icon.
    Keep up the great work Corb. We love you!

  • Cabin Fever. Red lipstick, flask in my purse, listening to Cabin Fever while driving an hour out of the city to go to a hootenanny. Epic!

  • wayne Says

    we all miss you you at castaways in Edson..ab…had to go to Yorkton sk to catch you last time….things changed here come cheak it out

  • Chad Nehring Says

    Cabin fever to me is not the feeling of being cooped up in a cabin.. it’s that awful feeling you get on sunday morning knowing you have to leave it all behind and get back to the real world (well that and your hangover).

  • Marshall Dillon Says

    Cabin Fever is: Getting down in the cabin.

  • Waited to meet corb for an hour with my daughter at 7 in the morning, just missed him because we walked around the corner to see if he had left. cabin fever is missing a chance to meet a legend in the making! my daughter is 1 and stops whatever she's doing to dance and clap to getting down on the mountain!


  • Wenderoo Davies Says

    As a lone soapmaker living off-grid in remote southwestern Alberta, cabin fever has hit me hard in the winter. When the west winds wail and moan, the log walls creak and groan,
    When the herbs that are drying in the backroom (even tho’ they’re great for healing wounds), won’t do a damn thing to lighten my mood if I smoke ’em,
    When my thoughts turn dark and twisted (like wanting to maim and dismember those who plan to clearcut and mine where I live – or the government pawns who approved the land carnage)…
    I call my best gal pals. We put on our glad rags, pop the cork on a full-bodied high alcohol red, and crank the tunes (Corb Lund’s CABIN FEVER, of course)! Bye bye blues, hullo happy times.

  • when the fish, beer, and horses are gone, ill let you know what cabin fever is…. until then, bring it on!

  • Cabin Fever is finally hearing Corb sing a love song! I can’t believe it. Great interview with Gian on CBC too ~ loved the smalls rumour. The best kinda Cabin Fever is being in a van on the road with the smalls !!!!

  • Devin Wiens Says

    Cabin fever is 90 miles from a music store during harvest and having to wait to get Cabin Fever and listen to everyone talking about how great it is and hearing it hit #1 in Canada! Congrats Corb

  • Devin Wiens Says

    Cabin Fever is 90 miles from a music store during harvest and having to wait to get Cabin Fever, while listening to everyone talk about it on the radio and TV. Congratulations on hitting #1 in Canada!

  • Cindy Gurney Says

    Cabin fever is hearing the mice in the wall gettin' down to Corb and then cranking it up WIDE, WIDE, WIDE for them! ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪.

  • Devin Wiens Says

    Cabin Fever is spending the next two months trapped in a daydream about drinking beers with Corb!

  • I may be the only guy playing Corbs music around Windsor Ontario, but I know I’m not the only fan around here! If I won this I would be the envy of them all 😉

  • Lori Jackson Says

    Cabin Fever to me is that feeling I get spending 8-5 behind a desk with a copmuter in a room with no windows. Music makes it almost tolerable but I got to get out and go to the farm, feed the horses snow or shine and walk Piper dog. Air and skies, space and birds, crickets and coyotes. That will cure almost anything. Cheers!

  • lorraine mantyka Says

    Cabin fever is growing up in small town Hudson Bay saskatchewan and moving to the big city to go to school and spending alot of time now wishing I was back in small town saskatchewan where life was much simplier and the cabin’s were rustic

  • Robin Lafond Says

    I really like Corb's music. It's completely different from the norm and that's awesome! Our whole family loves his music. Cabin fever to me is when it's gorgeous outside and I'm stuck in the house and don't have time to get on my horse and go wandering for the day. I need my rides! Winter or summer, don't matter!

  • Heather Meston Says

    I want to “Stay with you through September”…and hear you yodel in person 😉

  • Mike Ramsey Says

    For me, prior to this album Cabin Fever had meant meeting claustrophobia with violence, or in other words, the Modest Mouse track Cowboy Dan. With this release, I’m embracing a much less abrasive definition.

  • Jim Thomson Says

    Twelve years of hunting the mountains of BC with Corb! Cabin Fever will be echoing through the mountains this fall!! I’ll be Gettin’ Down On The Mountain!!

  • Cabin Fever is…living on the shores of Hudson Bay for ten months a year…. no booze, no roads, no truck, dial up internet, and balmy minus 50 winter days. Thankful for those summer days when it's time to switch to whiskey and I can continue my stint as a losing lately gambler.

  • natasha Says

    my family and i are down the mountain indeed! our 3 year old son sings “when the ship goes down” and he knows not to put his hat on the bed…

  • linda lou Says

    Cabin Fever is living on Melanson Mountain in Nova where there is still no cable tv, and so, for entertainment, you may end up doing things like chasing a short tail brown weasel out of your house that the cat has cornered in your living room and really enjoying the challenge! Or, baiting in the barred owls at night by doing you classical singing scales – they love it! Then, you can get the Corb Lund type of Cabin Fever – so hooked on the new CD that you carry it everywhere you go and play it continually in the car. The type of cabin fever that inspires you to keep working on your own tunes and keep on playing your ukulele on the porch. Thanks so much Corb for such great song writing and your wonderful musicality. Your style has brought back great memories for me of all the greats I listened to as a child growing up – my Mom had the greatest record collection – Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Sons of the Pioneers, Hanks Snow and Williams, Ian and Sylvia, and my favorite, Skeeter Davis – there was even a little Everly Brothers, Peter, Paul and Mary and the Tijuana Brass thrown in there. For me, you are one of the a new greats.
    Blessings, Linda Lou

  • Rudi Says

    Livin’ out on the Island now but I’m back in Alberta whenever I spin up a Corb Lund CD. Cabin Fever rates right up there with the best. Good songs!

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