Corb Lund’s Cabin Fever is #1 in Canada

“confirms his status as torch bearer for the modern cowboy sound”   – Calgary Herald


EDMONTON – Canadian alt-folk singer Corb Lund’s new album Cabin Fever, released just last week, is #1 in Canada. Topping the overall album sales, digital sales and the country chart this week, Lund’s new record – his first in three years – has also yielded critical acclaim.

The New York Times gave it praise, describing it as “an album of pithy mischief and roguish charm.” The Washington Post weighed in, saying “Lund is a revelation, laconic and scary smart, with a devil’s eye for details.” MTV Hive said “his songs sometimes seem like a soundtrack to a Western directed by Quentin Tarantino”  Uncut Magazine gave a glowing review, marking the record a 9/10 on their scale.


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Goth girls to survivalists, bovines to bibles, antique pistols to vintage motorcycles: Alberta-born honky-tonker Corb Lund’s songcraft covers it all. Cabin Fever – Corb Lund’s enthralling sixth record – has its worldwide release on New West Records on August 14, 2012. This follows on the boot heels of Corb’s 2009 New West Records debut, the critically acclaimed Losin’ Lately Gambler.

The JUNO Award-winner and seven-time Roots Artist of the Year winner at the Canadian Country Music Awards wrote most of the twelve track album whilst hunkered down in a remote cabin an hour outside Edmonton, inspired by crude life events – a broken relationship and the death of his uncle. Backed by his longtime band, The Hurtin’ Albertans (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Grant Siemens, upright bassist Kurt Ciesla, and drummer Brady Valgardson), the band recorded loose and live, with almost no overdubs.

Cabin Fever offers a portrait of a survivalist preparing for the apocalypse (“Gettin’ Down On The Mountain”); a tale of a rural man losing a woman to the allure of New York City life (“September”); an ode to his vintage BMW motorcycles (“Mein Deutsches Motorrad”); the broken-hearted anthem “(You Ain’t A Cowboy) If You Ain’t Been Bucked Off”; new drinking songs such as “Drink It Like You Mean It” and “Pour ‘Em Kinda Strong”; the yodelling introduction and physicality of “Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner”; and another throwback to his punk days (when he claimed membership in the speed-metal band The Smalls), the desire to date “The Gothest Girl I Can.”

Just like Corb’s subjects run the gamut, so do the sonics on the long-player, ranging from rockabilly to Western swing, cowboy balladry to country-rock. And, of course, the occasional yodel… It’s this sort of versatility that brings out a raft of audiences to his shows; from field and urban sidewalk, alike.

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  • Gail Sedlak Says

    If Corb got paid for the number of plays he would be super rich cause I love Cabin fever and play it all the time.

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