It’s The End Of The World And It’s Boring

Well, I was going to write something on survival hoarding and food caching and bugout bags and water filtration systems and self sustainability to go along with the new ‘Mountain’ video, but I decided I don’t want to. I’m kinda burned out on that stuff. It’s weird, because the more time you spend preparing for the worst, the more you secretly hope it happens, so you can test out your shit. And that’s not a good way to be thinking. Besides, the price of gold has been pretty steady the last couple months.

Gonna tell you about this trip I’m on instead. Flew out of Calgary yesterday, direct to Heathrow in London. Took the tube to the moto shop and rented a 1000cc enduro. Rode it to the ferry in Portsmouth, bought my ticket, and now am waiting to board for the overnight hop to Normandy with the bike. Remind me to switch sides when I drive off the ferry. My buddy Matt works over there as interpreter/guide at the Vimy Ridge memorial.

I was coming over anyway, to the UK, to play a couple shows at the end of the month, the Maverick Festival and a club gig at my favourite old British haunt, The Borderline. It’s only a quick three day UK jaunt, to remind people I have a record coming out in a couple months and do some interviews, but since I’m here anyway, and France is just a skip away, I’ve come a week early. Still have to practice my face off on Tyson tunes while I’m here, but why not do it in France if you’re buying the ticket anyway, i say. And besides, things are gonna get crazy busy again after August’s album release. This is the calm before the storm.

Am kind of excited to see Normandy again, because the last time I was there, I was way more ignorant of my English history. I’ve caught up since then. The English are all French. And the French are all Vikings. You know all this, right? Battle of Hastings, the Harolds, Rollo, all that? Man, the Euros know their history. North Americans are shit for history. Crickets and blank stares. I’m not entirely sure about history repeating itself thing, but it definitely rhymes. I stole that. Mark Twain, I believe, via Dan Carlin.

By the way, if you’re not listening to Dan Carlin’s two podcasts, ‘Hardcore History’ and ‘Common Sense’, we’re not friends anymore. That stuff, especially HH, is my favorite thing of all media, and has been for years. I like it more than books, movies or music. I wait and wait and wait for the new episodes to come out. I’m a subscriber, he’s got a pay-what-you-want new media financial model going, and he seems to be scraping by with it. But he needs more listeners. That’s where you come in.

OK, they’re calling my boat on the intercom. Portsmouth to Caen. See ya next week.


  • Milo Says

    Like the new site! Sounds like a fun trip. Totally agree… the more you think about the more you bring about. But thinking sustainable is not such a bad thing, if you are not ONLY doing it for the “worst case scenario.” -M

  • Mike Parlow Says

    Corb – You are the best. It was Horse Soldier that brought me to you and I love the way you bring history into your song lyrics with such honesty, perspective and wit. I’ve been telling my friends about Carlin for a while now. We’re all big fans of your music and your mentioning HH was endorsement of the highest quality. Looking forward to Aug 14. Cheers, Mike

  • Got your new album from my daughter (the good one-farm girl with cows around) Great music, like both CD's and hearing electric version and acustic. A real bonus-equally enjoyable. Hope you will tour in Western Canada when you return from your current travels. Cabin Fever is Steller. All the best.

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