Lucky Me

Here’s why I feel lucky. I get to play exactly the music I want, and make a career of it. I know tons of people who have as much or more talent than I do, and are barely able to make a go of it, if at all. I have small amounts of guilt about this sometimes, because there’s a random factor involved. I’m sort of lucky that my taste in music overlaps with the public’s at any given time. And on the other side of things, I know lots of people, especially in country music, who make a decent living, but are horribly boxed in on the type of songs they get to write. Some of them don’t even get to write it. So yeah, I feel pretty lucky because not once in my career have I had anyone from on high tell me what I could or couldn’t, should or shouldn’t write. Not one iota of interference. Of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with that for long anyway. But, so far, I’ve been able to make a career out of doing whatever I want. It’s kind of awesome that I’ve been able to come up with whatever the hell I like, and people seem to dig it. (knock wood..). One time a country singer came up to me and said, with some bafflement, ‘You sort of, just, like, well, write whatever you want, hey?’ I had to agree. I forgot that not everybody gets to do it that way. We bitch sometimes, and there are a lot of long van rides and red-eye flights, crappy meals and loneliness, but don’t let that fool you. It really is like living in a big playground most of the time. So thanks, everybody. Onward and upward.

Another thing that’s pretty great is the bizarrely wide range of shows we get to play. We play tons of country fests, tons of folk fests, the odd rock fest, honky tonks, listening rooms, coffee houses, theatres, punk rock dives, ranch houses, biker bars, hippie communes. I love the variety. And in lots of countries, too. Canada, the states, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, occasionally Scandinavia. I get to play with guys that I love, who are really virtuosic at what they do. They know exactly how to back me up and interpret my songs creatively and they’ve been loyal for over a decade. And not only are they great players, we all get along really well. Might as well name check them; Kurt Ciesla on the crazy-bass, Brady Valgardson drumming, Grant Siemens on the guitars and the kamikaze mandolin. Kurt’s been with me the longest, since the early nineties. Brady only slightly less, and Grant for over ten years. That’s pretty good when the new guy is in for a decade. We are the Hurtin’ Albertans, ladies and gentleman. (And the Token Manitoban.) Onward and upward.

Only problem with what I do is that only dudes like my tunes. Mostly anyway. Guess that’s what I get for writing about horses, cows, guns, military history, oil rigs, card games, trucks, chewing tobacco and whiskey. Well, look out, because I have one on the new record about goth chicks. Although as I write this, I’m realizing that chicks aren’t into goth chicks, dudes are into goth chicks. Yeesh.


  • Colonel Tom Says

    Hey Corb,
    My wife is a big fan. Of course she has a horse, and comes from a military family, and a whiskey-drinking country singer hubby. But she’s most certainly a woman. So there’s one bona fide gal fan. Looking forward to the new record!

  • Heather Says

    “goth chicks”….kinda like “tomatoes” eh?

  • Nick Says

    You’re the real deal, and it shows, simple as that mate.

  • Melissa Albertson Says

    You are mistaken. I am a 35-year-old woman and LOVE your music. You and Ian, that’s all I need for my male music artists. Appreciate that you took the time to write this … it’s makes us like you even more, to know you’re grateful and your band enjoys one another and what they do. No wonder the music sounds so good. And, please don’t let anyone ever tell you how and what to write … how sad all your fans would be.

  • Graham Johnson Says

    Corb.I breifly meet you at Seagulls Club Queensland. From the first time i heard a song from you I knew you were different. And I commented that your writing style put you up there with the best of them, like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and such. You write about the real world, people and the lives they live. Meaningful stuff. It is purely awesome. Most Country artist write and sound very similar thess days, and it sort of becomes same same stuff. Sure they do well, but they really don not touch on the real stuff like a good artist should. This is why I believe your talents go far beyond what others have to offer. Your last album all the songs have real meaning. You wrote about real stuff, it maybe not real in a sense but it fits in with how people live their lives. Just don’t change direction, keep being yourself and keep writing the way you do. Your time with the Smalls have given you an edge that has put a twist into your methods of playing guitar. When I play The Truth Comes Out to friends who have never heard of you they just want a copy of it. When they hear a lot more of your songs they just want to know were you have been hiding. We usually have to order your CDs in but they are happy to wait. Its a shame the like of the huge CD stores we have here on the Gold Coast just dont stock your CDs when they should. I look forward to your new Album, I have all past Albums and I enjoy playing them to anyone who takes the time to listen. Good luck and hope to see you on one of your tours soon. I will definetly get along to one in Canada when we come over, be good to see you in your home Country

  • Lindsay Says

    Rest assured, my dear, that many of us belonging to the prettier half of the population are thrilled (and I may go so far as to say ‘relieved’) that there is a male musician of your calibre somewhere in this wild and wacky world of ours. Some of us enjoy shooting guns and/or whiskey (maybe even at the same time eh? Sounds like a decent night out). Some of us have grown so weary of the bastardized love songs on mainstream radio stations that hearing you profess your undying affection for a horse warms our hearts. It is a pleasure to listen to your songs, sir, as you seem to have (please do not correct me if I’m wrong) enormous respect and admiration for the land, people, culture, and history that made you and your career what they are today.

    Oh, and as a side note, I have no problem with goth chicks. I consider them to be a pretty cool people….
    Really it’s the emo-chicks you gotta look out for. Daddy issues. Always.

  • Craig Says

    I love the fact that you write about whatever you want, and not what people (record companies) may pressure you to. You have have a lot of opinions, most ost of which I agree with, but even when I don’t that’s fine.

    Get back to Peterborough, Ontario, I missed you the last time, but I gotta say, a place like “The Junction”, or “The Venue” would be a better spot than “Showplace”. “Showplace”, is beautiful, but we all feel like we have to behave properly there! lol

  • Carol Marz Says

    Well, I am a 60 something woman who hated country music, growing up in Edmonton and all. But I connected with some ranching family near Olds who do it the old fashioned way, with horses and love. And after a few summer nights of campfires and Bourbon, I finally figured out the allure of the old Cowboy songs. And then I discovered your music at the Regina Folk Festival. I love it, and tell all. Looking forward to seeing you and Ian in Calgary in July.
    Why don’t we see you places like Craven Country Music Festival? Are they hung up on the happy clappy country stuff?

  • Hey Corb-mon,

    But you do so much more than just play your own music. You carry the banner behind which a multitude of singer songwriters follow fearlessly onto the stage. Every day. All over the world. You are indeed and action, an inspiration and mentor to many.

    Chapman Jones

  • sheenanigans Says

    your know the ladies love you…. and your music. Keep doing what you love, we will keep loving you back.

  • Alexandra Says

    Well, I’m a lady of 24 (I’m not sure if I’d ever call myself a chick) and I think you’re one of the best story tellers and musicians/lyricists out there. Thanks for being open with us and for sticking to your guns, musically and personally. We do love you for it 🙂

  • Angus Says

    Oh, the ladies like you as well. I’ve got 2 l’il gals (Aged 11 and 6) who can’t get enough of you. ‘Cavalry’ is my 6 yr olds toothbrushing song! :/ (EVERY evening for the past year! I hope you’ve got something on the new album to replace it!)

  • nicole Says

    female fan vegetarian who likes riding bicycles over trucks or horses and has never even been to Alberta. but i do like beer & the incredibly thoughtful songs you write:)

  • Country girl here…. you are my favourite thing ever! I go on and on about your music all the time. Granted, I do love horses and cows and pick up trucks and such but there are lots more like me who are girls AND love, love, love CORB LUND!

  • Fantastic insight Mr Lund. Keep on the horses, cows, guns, etc. Love em, that's what County is supposed to be about. Not this crappy "I love her so much" crap.

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